Lifting system for anchors

easily lift the SP50 / SP100 / SP150 static penetrometer anchoring systems in a manual version without any effort.

Watch the explanatory video.

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Arduino Sequencer

Automatic column handling system.

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Rod block

Jaws for blocking the rods during the extraction phase.

Prevents the sliding of the rods when you are about to unscrew the rod just removed.

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Automatic data acquisition DeepLogik

Automatic data acquisition for oleodynamic/ electronic load cells can do:

  • automatically acquire the readings for the static test
  • store test data   
  • save on pen drive tests carried
  • send with internet data
  •  acquire the geographic coordinates (GPS with proper form)

Show some acquisition procedures, to understand how the program works.

  1.   Active steps with the button on the levers of the distributor or holodynamic scehrmo on "Go"
  2.   The program waits for the values (0 in the video is set to 1.5 for customer choice)
  3.   If the numbers begin to rise beyond the value of "0" preset, the program activates the sequence of acquisition of 40 readings (one every 2mm / 50 ms) for a total of 8cm
  4.   The program performs the average of the values within the two colored bands (pink and orange tip = = side)
  5.   It enters the calculated values in the boxes L1 and L2
  6.   If after 5 seconds if no action is taken to change them, the program acquires them.


Approfondisci il programma.

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