Static Penetrometer 50kN (5t)

Tecnical Features

It is a low / medium power static penetrometer – ISSMFE 1988 classification with high maneuverability and very small footprint.

The controls are movable that can be positioned near the column, for easier registration of the numbers.

Motor unit: Dual-function hydraulic unit, space-saving, light and powerful; equipped with internal combustion engine, 3.5 Hp power or 4.6 Hp crawler

Drive system: Two 80mm hydraulic cylinders with thrust capacity at 160 bar of about 2.5t each. Fully removable; made of steel, it consists of two double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Powered, sliding on a steel guide, it allows the insertion of the augers without any effort.

Guide column and hydraulic extractor: Guide structure for the execution of the penetrometric test, and for the hydraulic extraction of the rods, or of the core drill. Extraction capacity about 6000kg

You can run:

  • static penetrometric tests with hydraulic reading of the resistance values, using a standard Begemann tip and extension rods of 1000 mm in length;
  • dynamic penetrometric tests, coaxial to the hole of the static test, using a standard dynamic group with a 30 kg impact weight.
  • continuous probes, coaxial to the hole of the static test, using an automatic probe unit with screw auger (Ø 38 mm)
  • sampling with low noise levels, using a special pressure core that supplies samples in PVC punches (Ø 40-60 mm).

Dimensions and weights

Module module total weight (transportable) 125 kg:

  • column: 85 kg
  • 3.5Hp petrol engine control unit: 40kg

Total weight of the tracked version Grillo Dumper 406, about 330kg:

Max inclination: 35% on the side, 45% on the front

ATTENTION: weights and measures may vary with changes and improvements to the project.

Before purchasing, go to the company with your own means of transport to check the transportability of the penetrometer!

Considerations of the geologist

  • Shipping:
    The instrument consists of a motor unit and a driving system and a 10-piece battery of rods.
    All the instrumentation, if not mounted on a tracked vehicle, must be transported by a minimum of 2 people, the weight is not excessive but in any case it is advisable to reduce the distance between the means of transport and the survey points to the minimum possible.
  • Use:
    Being an instrument with 10cm feed, it allows a high resolution in the acquisition of the resistance / strokes during the test execution, the impact weight of 10 / 30Kg allows to obtain some strokes even in extremely soft ground (particularly important for us geologists).
    The small footprint allows the instrument to be transported even in confined spaces in cellars and gardens with the recommendation to keep the workplace ventilated.
  • Lithotypes indicated for this instrument:
    Clays, silt, loose or medium thickened sands
  • Maximum investigable depth:
    8-10m. In addition to the energy released in the fall of the mallet, it loses much of its strength in overcoming the friction along the walls of the hole.
    The risk is that of overestimating the consistencies of the deeper layers.

Locomotion systems

Grillo Dumper 406

Grillo Dumper 406

Fast and stable rubber track locomotion system. With 3 forward and rear gears it allows you to reach any position. 6.5Hp engine, 9litres / minute pump The column cannot be detached Weight about 250kg

Tc50 Messersi

Tc50 Messersi

6.5Hp TC50 wagon with pull start or electric start. Hydraulic movements, speed 6km / h 2x8 l / min hydraulic pump 2 gears to change translation speed 3 gears to change the rod extraction speed

Optional supplies

Soil survey group

Soil survey group

Core destruction sampling kit with ø38mm augers, length 1000mm. Maximum sampling depth 5 / 6m Endowment: - 2 mumite augers of tip 1000mm - 1 male-female connecting screw 1000 mm - 3 smooth polunghe 1000mm

Optional equipment

Sampler for undisturbed

Sampler for undisturbed

PVC die-cut sampler with a diameter of ø40mm. It allows to sample soft cohesive levels at least up to 3 / 4m.


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