Dynamic Penetrometers

Dynamic penetrometer for professionals of geology and geotechnical

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Geotechnical Accessories

Accessories penetrometer in the field of geology and geotechnical

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Software for geologists

Software for the acquisition of static and dynamic penetration tests on site

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Static Penetrometer

Static penetrometer to perform measurements precision within of the subsoil investigation

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GeoDeepDrill specialized in the field of geology

The company specializes in the field of geology GeoDeepDrill, develops tools for the field of geotechnical engineering. Its products are used by geologists, engineers, drilling companies, universities and laboratories, construction companies.

  • Production and rental of equipment as standard or custom static penetrometer,
  • Sale penetrometer dynamic and static penetrometer,
  • Service and technical support in the 'execution of geological surveys.

Via Virgiliana 130
44012 Bondeno (FE)
Tel. 348 3826286