How to use the corer - Geo Deep Drill

How to use the corer

  • insert the cartridge inside the core barrel and screw the cutting shoe back on
  • insert the core barrel with the protruding point into the ground up to the height to be sampled
  • remove the rods for at least the length of the core
  • disconnect the battery from the rods and tighten the battery at least one full rotation
  • insert the rods for at least the length of the core barrel
  • pull out all the rods battery
  • Unscrew the sharp shoe of the core barrel
  • gently remove the cartridge with the sampled soil inside
  • trim the sample with a spatula, make it sealed with melted wax, fill the advancing blank spaces of the die with clean sand, apply the caps and fix them with adhesive tape, mark the sample with (number, height, site, and orientation).

Poorly cohesive or granular soils have greater sampling difficulties.
Before sampling, carry out a penetrometric test to determine the best amount to take the sample from.

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